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Our Patient First Model

“Physical Therapy” can come in many forms including what you will experience at Premier Mobile Therapy.  Beyond being seen in the comfort of your own home, you will not enter a traditional office/clinic-type setting with a lot of exercise machines and a busy buzzing gym with multiple patients.  You enter a small but inviting space with a few key components: Our treatment table, our diagnostic skills, Advanced technology STEMWAVE machine and most importantly OUR SKILLED HANDS.

We work for our clients and not insurance companies! Our clients are assessed and treated in a total movement systems way.  Your treatment needs may reach beyond what traditional insurance may cover.  Every part of the body is connected with all other areas, and you may be surprised by the implications of this when looking for the true underlying cause of your pain.

Though true the causes of a person’s issue are often in the same part of the body it is experienced, sometimes they are elsewhere in the system.

It is common to find the true source of a patient’s neck pain in the shoulder, upper back or postural weakness that is not performing correctly.  Maybe there was a previous injury or surgery that left the area weak or less mobile, and the change in movement resulted in injury-causing compensations elsewhere.

Once all of the impairments are identified, Manual Therapy techniques are often used to resolve the dysfunctions found. 

Movement of joints, muscles, connective tissues may also be used to restore normal pain-free movement and function.

Often it takes time to gather all relevant information and we believe that you should receive as much treatment as possible on the initial evaluation. Treatment is generally mixed in with the evaluation so that you experience the effects of hands-on treatment in your first session.


We understand that movement and exercise are vital for recovery and prevention, however, we foster an adult learning environment with the expectation that you will perform prescribed exercises independently.  Paying to perform exercises that have already been proven to be safe, appropriate and performed correctly in office is something we don't make a habit of.  Therefore, when exercises or stretches are needed, we give digital HEP (Home Exercise Programs) via Text, E-mail or QR code on how to perform them.  This method allows us to make necessary changes remotely as well.  HEP is designed to allow for longer periods between visits.

At Premier Mobile Therapy you time is valuable and we focus on SKILLED and Individualized intervention that you could not reproduce on your own.

With the hands-on techniques we use, and the fact that each treatment is 30 min to an hour of one-on-one care, the time it takes to resolve pain and injury is usually far less than at other clinics, sometimes less expensive as well!

We apply the 4 R's (Recognize, Reset, Reinforce, Return to activity) to resolve your pain and get you back to doing the activities you love as soon as possible… without pain and limitations.


If our approach to treatment sounds like a good fit for you, inquire about availaiblity or apply for a consultation with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy, OT/Massage Therapist.

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