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About Us

The mobile therapy provider of choice for improved health, active aging and optimized function through quality care, education and motivation in Louisville, KY.


What is “Mobile Therapy”?


A: Therapy services are provided by licensed professionals at the convenience of the location of your choice. Examples include the home setting, gym (must be cleared by facility ownership), or your place of business. Your therapist will provide all the tools, products and knowledge necessary to help meet your needs.

What makes Premier Mobile Therapy (PMT) different from any other therapy clinic?


A: Several things set us apart from other traditional forms of Therapy. For starters, we can provide services at a variety of locations and often during times when traditional clinics do not have any availability. We do not employ any unlicensed personnel, so you will always see a skilled professional. You will always be seen by your practitioner of choice and not handed off to other staff members. Insurance cannot dictate what services you are “allowed” to have, and you do not require a doctor’s script to receive service.

What if I had surgery? Can I still be seen?


A: The nature of your surgery and the time frame in which you had your surgery will determine how good of a therapeutic candidate you are. We would be able to discuss options and provide recommendations for your care.

What types of injuries / Clients do you treat?


A: We treat most movement-based injuries and help fix problems you have with maintaining an active lifestyle. Examples include overuse injuries such as tendonitis, stress injuries, ligamentous issues as well as sprains and strains of all types.

General back, neck, hip, knee and shoulder pain/dysfunction are the most prominent areas of impairment, and we can help determine your source of limitation. Women with bladder control problems, intimacy or sacral/pelvic pain can have their lives changed by our pelvic health specialist. Please feel free to call /message/ E-mail to determine if we can assist you in any way.

What is Stemwave and how does it work?

StemWave is a regenerative medicine technique that utilizes harmless, yet powerful acoustic waves to activate your body’s natural healing mechanisms.  This new technology is designed to help patients with musculoskeletal conditions by recruiting their dormant stem cells, increasing blood flow and resolving inflammation. As a safe non-invasive option, it doesn’t require any downtime and has minimal or no side-effects.  Check out the Stemwave video for more insight!


How should I dress for a session?


A: Dress in comfortable clothing, preferably athletic wear that allows full movement. We ask you to remain mindful of the body part of interest and wear something that allows us to easily access the area. For example, open-neck shirts for the neck, shorts for the knee or a breathable waistband for the hip and back.

How long is each session?


A: Typically, the initial evaluation can take the longest, ranging from 45min up to 90 min depending on the nature of our reason for meeting. We try to make the best use of your time and will send you all of the appropriate documentation to begin care and make sure our first interaction is mostly spent learning about how we can best serve you.

Follow-up sessions are usually more concise and can be as short as 30 min but typically last 50-60 min. Virtual visits will last approximately 15-30 min for existing clients, as they usually consist primarily of education, information exchange and review.

Will you travel outside of Louisville? 


A: Our New TELE-HEALTH division and partnership with can provide real-time instruction, evaluation and information face-to-face via virtual interface. This option allows us to provide care to individuals throughout the state and those that cannot be seen in person.

As of right now, we are only servicing the Louisville area for in-person services. As we expand our footprint, we may expand into other areas. If you live or work outside of the Louisville area, you have the ability to agree upon a suitable location in Louisville to receive your services.

Premier Mobile Therapy provides services in Louisville, KY, including Eastwood, Middletown, St. Matthew’s, Lyndon, Fern Creek, Jeffersontown, Lake Forest, Springhurst, Hurstbourne, Anchorage, Glenview, Prospect and Fisherville.

Can I get equipment /supplies through your company?


A: Yes! If there are any supplies that you need to further your goal achievements, we can furnish many products for you. If it is a special order product, the most likely option would be to secure the product for you at cost. We do not intend to use product sales as a means for profit at this juncture. We want to build relationships and help people succeed by being facilitators.

What are my payment options?


A: PMT is a “cash-based” practice, but we use credit card and debit card transactions exclusively via a point-of-sales system where you may pay ahead online, swipe, dip or tap your card for payment. If needed, you may provide a credit card number to keep on file.

Actual cash should never change hands with our therapists for transparency, accountability and safety for all parties. HSA/FSA VISA cards are acceptable forms of payment as well and are very popular with our clients. Invoices, packages and payment plans are available for extended plans of care (Subject to a written payment agreement).

Can I get reimbursed by my insurance company if I pay cash for Therapy?


A: Yes! PMT will provide all clients with a “superbill” upon request, which they may submit to the insurance company for review for reimbursement.

The exception is Medicare. We cannot submit to Medicare at the moment. Check with your insurance provider for their policy on out-of-network provider care.

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