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Women's Health Welcome

Hello everybody! Jessica Piercy here and I am the Women’s Health/Pelvic Health specialist for Premier Mobile Therapy. I am so excited to begin this journey with you! I believe the post-partum woman is the most undeserved PT group in society! The transformation and trauma, (although beautiful and rewarding!) that occurs within the body during pregnancy and childbirth causes significant changes within the body, that if not addressed can cause long term negative effects on our health.

Just think about it, could you imagine tearing muscles and ligaments in your knee and not seeking orthopedic care after this injury? Over time, you probably would have improvements in your function and your pain, but most likely you would have lingering stiffness, weakness and difficulty returning to basic activities you enjoy. This is similar in childbirth, we have trauma to our pelvic tissues, many that heal somewhat with time, but otherwise unaddressed formally, it can result in urinary incontinence, pelvic tightness/pain, urinary urgencies and sexual dysfunction that affect over 80% of post-partum women!

We have been conditioned to believe that it is normal to have urinary incontinence, urgencies or prolapse as an aging woman, but that is absolutely not true! It may be common, but it is not normal.

In a perfect world, women would be able to rest, recover, and slowly transition through the year learning how to be a mother and rehabilitating her body back to normal with the help of her family and friends. With time limitations, demands to return to work, and individual stressors in one’s life, we lose sight of taking care of ourselves.

I encourage women that there is something you can do! I look forward to sharing my PT knowledge, meeting new faces, and educating you on how to manage your own pelvic health in order to help you live a more comfortable and healthy life!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in booking an appt. My schedule will be opening soon!

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